The American Society of Naturalists strives to advance knowledge of unifying biological principles by uncovering processes that generate and maintain patterns of biological diversity. These patterns and processes necessarily involve complex interactions between ecology, evolution, genetics, behavior, and physiology. Consequently, ASN emphasizes the value of interdisciplinary research and collaborations between diverse biologists to achieve conceptual unification across the biological sciences.

To facilitate such interdisciplinary research and collaboration, ASN will hold a stand-alone conference January 10-14, 2016. Our goal is to create a stimulating and invigorating venue that brings together a diverse array of biologists who might not normally encounter one another at separate discipline-specific meetings and to create a public forum where graduate students, postdocs, and faculty can hold discussions to define new research directions that bridge disciplines. We hope this meeting will showcase ASN’s unique ability to unify broad biology principles by fusing theory with data, ecology with evolution, and new technological tools with long-standing open questions. In short, we hope to showcase what it means to be a naturalist and researcher in the 21st century.

Who should attend: We invite graduate students, post docs, or faculty from fields related to ecology, evolution, behavior, genetics or associated fields who are interested in big-picture and integrative research into patterns and processes in biological diversity. The meeting is not restricted to ASN members, but newcomers are encouraged to join the society. The conference will be kept small to encourage new conversations.

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